Featuring ... The GMJ Band! 

Gospel Meets Jazz (GMJ) Shows are musical celebrations performed by some of Gainesville’s finest musicians... like band members CJ Washington, Sebrenah Phillips, Jeff Durant, Javell Woods, Jordan Bannister and Chris Camps. And then there's me, yours truly, Lanard Perry.


The band's sound is a unique blend of gospel, jazz and old school r&b... and every show is different - from the songs being performed to the people performing them.

Here's Some of What We Do! Our specialty is providing fun, gospel-based music for corporate, individual, and church events; like weddings, appreciations, anniversaries of all kinds, holiday affairs birthday parties, fund raisers, etc..


In fact, we'd be proud to partner with you, too, for your next fund raising event! Call me to see how we can help.


Thanks for the awesomeness of your support!  Appreciatevely, Lanard Perry

Next Show:

Soon & Very Soon! LOL! 


Will Be Announced When They Go On Sale

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352-283-9316 cell





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See you at the next show! 

Best Regards,

Lanard Perry