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March 31, 2023. What an Evening! 

3.31.23 Poster Final 2.jpg

When Gospel Meets Jazz held its first Post-COVID Concert since December 2019! Approximately 200 people attended and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by the new band -


  • Jeff Durant on drums 

  • Roger Blue on keyboard 

  • Tran WhitleyBarry - keybard and vocals

  • Barry McLeod on bass,

  • Charles CJ Washington - vocals ,

  • and Yours Truly, Lanard Perry - trumpet  


Also performing that night were


  • Sabrina Phillips - vocals

  • Joy Banks - vocals - and

  • The Smooth Flava Dancers


In addition to being the first event held in 3 years, it was also the first time that a Gospel Meets Jazz Concert was held in a church!  It was marvelous I tell you, simply marvelous!  


We'll only have a couple of more shows this year, so mark your calendar when dates are announced! Looking forward to seeing you then! 

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