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October 5, 2018

Wow!  What a blast! As our drummer Jeff Durant said, this show was epic! Everybody had a great time, from the opening song to the last note!

GMJ Flyer Oct 5.jpg

From a sound check that got an enthusiastic round of applause to a still full house at the show's end!


Highlights included a standing ovation for Singer Khanya Bennett, which is becoming common, as she tends to get at least one every time we perform.  

But there was a whole lot more, including CJ Washington, who had many in the audience gushing with cheers and applause and getting their boogie on.

Bassist Keith Ladd was totally funky on the bass all night long.  And yes, I said it - funky.  The man can thump that bass!

David Richardson was his usual excellent self on keys all night, and I've never heard Jeff Durant on drums play better.  He was locked in all night.

Like I said, it was an excellent night.  I can hardly wait until the next performance!

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Lanard Perry

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